Scintillations Music is passionate about developing early-stage arts music projects, careers and aesthetic concepts towards fully realised productions and self-sustaining professional practice.

We gather the expert knowledge and resources of specialists across music, arts, entertainment, multimedia and legal circles, and combine this with our own hands-on experience to build a unique portfolio of innovative products, services, brands and artistic initiatives.

We offer private consultation to individuals, ensembles, teams and organisations who work in the music industry; who seek to incorporate arts music in their work and networking spaces; or, who are seeking musical services to fulfil personal aspirations.

We tailor cost-effective, bespoke advice & practical assistance that meets each client’s particular requirements, and empowers them to manage and scale future, on-going needs for themselves.

We aim to help musicians and music-lovers everywhere to learn, grow, discover, dream and live more fully through the joy of music.

Ask today how Scintillations Music can help you with ...

Artistic Development

Peak Performance Consultation
Repertoire & Career Strategy
Strengths & Skills Targeting
Soloist & Ensemble Identity


Production, Promotion & Archival
Project Budgets & Schedules
General & Specialised Recruitment
Equipment Acquisition & Hire


Project Fulfilment
Resource Monitoring
Team Communications
Customer & Sponsor Relations


Artistic & Market Insight
Troubleshooting & Prototyping
Unique Concert / Event Design
Networking and Partnerships

Further details coming soon.

Sinister Creative

Our flagship in-house production 'label' for high-quality, trend-setting events and recordings, SINISTER CREATIVE showcases the latest developments in our technical and artistic expertise.

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